Thursday, 23 April 2015

Top Five Traits of a Good Investment Manager

In considering the deployment of capital and to satisfy the highest return on capital a good investment manager must be employed to carry the duties of guarding the capital being directed under his command.

Warren Buffett's first rule of thumb is;

  1. "don't lose money' and rule two says 
  2. "remember rule one"
Of course me being a shameless copycat investor would tell you that the top five traits of a good investment manager must be to; 
  1. Protect capital from permanent loss as the steward
  2. Increase shareholder value over the holding period, whatever the term
  3. Acquire asset class with sustainable competitive advantage
  4. Compound return on asset with every capital deployment opportunity, and finally
  5. Search for the diamonds in the rough and shoot the slow moving elephant businesses
Video link: Elephant kill

This is a simple checklist of traits to look for in a good investment manager, you can be as good yourself with the right discipline and investment attitude. 

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