Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Cloning the Rich

This "getting rich" conservation is not an obsession, but with no focus on the attention to these details of cloning the rich as would a Xerox copier reproducing a document, no financial success can come your way hence the conversation. The basic of "getting rich" story start from the lessons of old Algamish and repeated by Arkad from the city of Babylon. How ironic, the city of "Babylon".

The book The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason is a gem of a book and you should read it: 

All of this value comes at no cost to you, but speaking of value, I must not allow this opportunity to escape me without sharing the sage advice of Benjamin Graham with you too. You can find his words of wisdom in the Securities Analysis by Benjamin Graham and Graham Dodd.

I cannot imagine talking about those eminent dead (i.e. Algamish, Arkad and Benjamin Graham) and not speak about the great investors alive today; the story of cloning the rich would be incomplete. The lessons of cloning the rich are available for free on Warren Buffet's company's website Berkshire Hathaway in his letters to shareholders; you too can have his wisdom and befriend his knowledge while he is alive.

You can scuttlebutt on these things with ten of your friends and see how that fairs out. But before you go let us befriend one more eminent dead. I bring you Phillip Fisher. You may need to learn some things from his book Common Stocks from Uncommon Profit.

The last thing to say is: go do the work for yourself, you cannot get anywhere without exerting energy for yourself. Stop putting off learning and earning for you. 

Cloning the rich is a good thing to copy. Ever wonder what would happen without the Xerox copier?

Some of the finest things in comes for free and cloning is an easy way out.

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