Friday, 28 November 2014

On Becoming Rich

My search on becoming rich has led me down a few alleys and byways. What I have found, is that, there are no ways around doing the work to be rich. Even if a short cut is available, you still have to do the work to find it.

Doing the work certainly don't mean working hard, especially working hard on, at, and for the wrong things, but what it means is finding what matters and doing that work. Most of the richest people in the world have worked hard, but they did the work that mattered most.

They have been working on themselves for the most part, learning to earn and keep their gold and goals while all else around them kept moving. They prepared themselves for lady opportunity and when she appeared they took action.

I cannot imagine a dreamer who succeeds without taking action, and no master falls in love with a lazy man or woman for that fact. Lady opportunity regardless of how she dresses, she loves a man of action. So it is important that you take action and do the work even if you want to become rich in spirit, you have to take action.

That genie lamp above requires a little rubbing and a command, and that is all the action that is needed. If you light a fire or put a blaze out, it is the work that matters. Rub that genie and start a fire on becoming rich. Clone the rich and do the work.

Take action and do the work that matters and see what happens.

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