Monday, 14 September 2015

The Art of Great Investing

I was away from writing my blog for a little while, but I am back now. Today I will talk about the art of great investing as simple ideas executed with patience.

I can't but to mention Warren Buffett's simple idea finding cash generating business and being patient with time to build Berkshire Hathaway, and can you believe some fifty years after buying a saggy cotton fabric producing factory in Adams, Massachusetts it has become a cash generating unit capable of financing the any business venture. I dare to say, the bigger the business the better for Berkshire and Buffett.

Buffett was a business stripper and an asset raider searching for cash or cheap float to redeploy and grow like a rolling snowball gathering mass. He is like a tortoise, patient and long living.

But here is an example of a different kind of simple ideas executed with patience by James Tisch. James Tisch calls it his Five Million Test (PDF).